BROCKHAMPTON Breaks onto the Scene as Rap’s Newest Boy-Band

How Five Guys from Texas Became LA’s Hottest Group

By: Jackson Pettitt, Music Editor

If you have never heard of BROCKHAMPTON, then don’t worry, you are not the only one! Up until a few months ago the rap group had never had much mainstream success, but still maintained a strong fan following on internet forums, as well as social media with help from their self-produced and self-directed, no-budget music videos made in house. BROCKHAMPTON is now made up of fifteen members including the singers Bearface and JOBA, various producers, directors, managers and a photographer. The real stars of the show however, are the rappers Kevin Abstract, Merlyn, Dom McLennon, Ameer Van, and Matt Champion. Each member carries a unique voice and talent, melding together to create incredibly diverse tracks. Kevin Abstract is more often than not the go-to for hooks, auto-tuned vocals, and direction for the group’s music videos. Ameer Vann is known for his deep voice, vicious delivery, and references to drug dealing.  Merlyn Wood is the member of BROCKHAMPTON with the hyper-exaggerated delivery, and loud, almost screaming voice on most of his features. Matt Champion always delivers his lines with a slick, laid back style reminiscent of Mac Miller, always choosing a flow that waxes and wanes in tempo. Finally, there is Dom McLennon who consistently delivers clever, well thought out bars, with a non-stop, rapid fire flow that never fails. The group really gained mainstream attention with the release of their debut album Saturation in June of this year, (which was made in three weeks!) with the singles FACE, HEAT, GOLD, and STAR. The dynamic of BROCKHAMPTON is wholly unique to the group, with each song highlighting the characteristic strengths of the individual members, while they all work to maintain the same level of energy and mood as the others. After making their bold debut, BROCKHAMPTON released the follow up, Saturation II just two months later, and have already announced the final album in the trilogy, Saturation III will be released before the end of 2017. No other group or collective in hip hop has had quite the same meteoric rise as the boyband from Texas.

Featured Photo: Ashlan Grey