Football Grabs Viewers and Catches Fans

NFL Football returns after a long summer.

Margie Dillman, Sports Editor
After four weeks of preseason football, the 2017 NFl season kicked off on September 7, with a game at the reigning Superbowl Champ’s home stadium, Fed Ex Field. The New England Patriots seemed to continue their streak of dominating their opponents during the first half of the game, especially after the Kansas City Chiefs fumbled the ball during their first possession. However, the Chiefs pulled off the upset, beating the Patriots 42-27 and shocking millions, fans and players alike. With the No. 1 pick for 2018 Superbowl Winner off to a rough start, another favorite for the Lombardi, the Dallas Cowboys, beat the struggling New York Giants 19-3. The Giants lost star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to an ankle sprain in the preseason, and quarterback Eli Manning struggled to find open receivers. Eli’s brother Peyton Manning retired last year after nearly two decades in the NFL, but his Denver Bronco’s proved to be able to adapt, with Trevor Siemian leading the fan favorites to a 24-21 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. Peyton Manning also played for the Indianapolis Colts during his career, who fell short in their 46-9 loss to the Los Angeles Rams with Rams quarterback Jared Goff throwing for an impressive 306 yards. Other notable scores include a complete shutout for the Baltimore Ravens against rival team the Cincinnati Bengals, winning decisively with a final score of 20-0. After a long summer without it, football fans were ecstatic to see the sport return to their TV screens.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Colts 46-9 loss to the Rams showed that relocating from Saint Louis helped to boost the Rams to the top.