From Bojack to Nojack

The “sadcom” Netflix series comes back with an upbeat turn.
By Hita Abedin, Staff Writer

The season 4 release of popular Netflix series, Bojack Horseman, came on Friday, September 8th. The show normally puts their seasons out in early summer, but the creators needed more time for this one. The normally dreary and depressing atmosphere of this season was replaced with a somewhat lighter finale.
The first episode starts off with the main character, Bojack, missing for about a year and a half (the same amount of time it has been since the last season was released). He is unresponsive to any attempts at contact, even from Diane Nguyen, an established novelist who is close friends with him, as she sporadically leaves voicemails and ends up filling his mailbox. Other episodes of the season are dedicated to secondary characters’ stories instead of Bojack himself, which enhances the plot rather than deflects from it. Overall, it is an interesting season with numerous storylines finessing together in the end to make sense of all the questionable asides.