Post Malone Drops New Track Rockstar with 21 Savage

Malone solidifies His Place as this Generation’s Rockstar
By: Jackson Pettitt, Music Editor

Ever since his smash hit White Iverson was released in 2015, Austin “Post Malone” Post has been turning heads and forcing listeners to question what is defined as hip-hop. As a young musician from the lone star state, his country music influences have shown through on several tracks with his use of acoustic guitar samples, and his always extravagant outfits, including cowboy hats, tasseled leather jackets, and the guitar slung across his back at shows. He is undoubtedly a current day rock star. But to say Malone is a country singer is far from accurate, with his constant basketball references, his moody R&B style production, and his features including Justin Bieber, Quavo, 2 Chainz, and most recently 21 Savage. On Rockstar, Post Malone delivers a quivering, melodic and catchy flow over water-like, key-riddled production that submerges you deeper into the song as it progresses. Post compares his live-fast-die-young lifestyle to that of a rock star, as he talks about getting put in a cop car, throwing tv’s out of a hotel window, and groupies pretending to be a part of his band just to get backstage to meet him. 21 Savage continues the theme, referencing his twelve-car garage, his antics in the Beverly Hills, and the stacks of hundred-dollar bills in his safe. Rockstar marks the first ever collaboration between 21 Savage and Post Malone, but hopefully not the last.

Featured Photo: Nabil Elderkin