Facing the Challenges of World Cup Qualifying

U.S men’s soccer team faces unforeseen struggles

By: Taylor Carr, Editor In Chief  

With the next World Cup in Russia coming up next summer, the United States men’s soccer team is busy with the task of qualifying, which is turning out to be quite difficult. The men started the qualifying process, which involves ten games, back in March. The most recent tie that the team suffered against Honduras, which was on September 5, has put the U.S. record at 2-3-3. This current record places the men in fourth place in the CONCACAF region, which is not good enough to qualify because only the top three teams go onto the World Cup. The U.S. has two games left, one against Panama on October 6, and the other against Trinidad and Tobago on October 10. These two games are crucial for the team because it is the final chance to earn a spot in the World Cup. For the men to move on two things need to happen. First, the team needs to win both games. However, even if both games end in a win for the U.S., to move on Panama needs to lose or tie both games.  

With the fate of the World Cup qualifications no longer in the control of the U.S., these next few weeks will be full of anxiety for the American fans. 


Rank  Team   Record  GD  PTS 
1  Mexico  5-3-0  8  18 
2  Costa Rica  4-3-1  7  15 
3  Panama  2-4-2  2  10 
4  USA  2-3-3  1  9 
5  Honduras  2-3-3  -7  9 
6  Trinidad and Tobago   1-0-7  -11  3