Surviving High School One Step At A Time

Four tips to make the high school experience seem less scary.  

By: William Bertoline, Staff Writer

Entering high school can be a stressful and overwhelming time in your life. However, do not worry because here are some tips that will make freshman year of high school easier.

  1.  Do not change your personality, or attempt to “act cool.” Stay true to yourself because people do not want to be friends with someone who does not seem sincere or genuine.
  1. Be humble. Upperclassmen already dislike freshman, and they will like you less if you try to act better than them. For example, if an upperclassman accidentally bumps into you, do not get angry. It was probably an accident, so do not waste your energy on an accident.
  1. At football games, have school spirit and try to not create drama. Football games are meant to be fun, so if you go there for drama and to just stand in the back, do not go. Also, if you see an upperclassman looking for a spot, move back so they can stand there. If people are behind you, ask them to move- be nice, let them have a close spot, because you will get the same privilege as an upperclassman.
  1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Take it from me, I never did my homework, and now my GPA is low. Homework affects your grade; it helps you retain information you learned in class, as well as helps you recognize what you are struggling with so you can ask your teacher for help. It might seem like a nuisance, but it pays off.

These are just a few tips for freshman. Take it how you want, but listening to them will make your high school experience less stressful.