Welcoming Mayor Stoney Back To Tabb

Tabb alumni Mayor Stoney returns 15 years after graduating.
By: Julianna Diaz, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, September 19th, Tiger Times was given the pleasure of conducting an interview with Mayor Llevar Stoney. A Tabb High School graduate, Stoney is the youngest Mayor to be elected in Richmond. Mayor Stoney made it clear that at a young age, politics and government were fields that fascinated him, and appeared to be outlets for him to give back to his community. As student body Vice President in Elementary School, and class President in Middle School, High School, and of his college class, Stoney made it a goal to impact peoples lives.

When discussing his early life, he states that living in an underprivileged home gave him the drive and determination to give back to the community he grew up in. Stoney describes entering politics as “getting off the sidelines and jumping into the arena,” putting more effort into making a difference rather than watching from afar. In regards to an escalation of gun violence, within the city of Richmond, Stoney describes having many “sleepless nights” over recent homicides due to this statistic. He states that Richmond has a high concentration of poverty, claiming around 25% of its people live below the poverty line. When violence occurs in a city, it is experienced in an entirely different way. The violence affects everyone in Richmond, and Mayor Stoney feels it is his responsibility to make his city a safe, and stable environment for every home saying,

“it is not something we should accept.”

When asked about his goals and hopes for his time as Mayor, he stated that his number one priority is public education. He wishes to invest in after school programs for every student and to “improve the performance of city hall,” hoping that these steps will improve the city of Richmond.

Finally, after 17 years of graduating from high school, Mayor Stoney states that some parts of the school, “have not changed at all.” He recalls sitting at one of the computers in the library, searching for what college he wanted to attend. “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” he says, “Tabb is still Tabb.”