Senior of the Month: September

By: Lauren Blanks, Entertainment Editor
Each month, guidance and Principal Seiders handpick a Senior of the Month that they feel embodies Tabb values and achievements to the highest caliber. September’s Senior of the Month, the first of the year, was bestowed upon Eunice Namkoong. Namkoong’s achievements, both in and out of the classroom, leave few to wonder why she was chosen. Currently second in her class, Eunice tackles difficult courses and curriculums with ferocity and dedication, enrolled in many AP classes and the Governor’s School of Science. Outside of learning, Namkoong is an even greater force of success as she serves on the state leadership team for Y street, a volunteer coalition of the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, and is a national youth ambassador for the campaign on tobacco-free kids, through which she successfully influenced the change in division policy to a 100% comprehensive and tobacco-free policy. Namkoong is also a member of the NASA Knights, the Governor’s School Robotic Team.
In terms of her plans for the future, Eunice hopes to go to college out-of-state, preferably on the west coast, and study either material science engineering or political science. Should she pursue a career in political science, she aspires to hold public office, much like Lieutenant Governor Northam, whom she had the chance to meet, one of her personal favorite accomplishments.

When asked about her favorite part about Tabb, Eunice said that the people make the school such a special place for her. Some even help her to learn, as she ensures she understands subjects best by lecturing those around her, whether they want her to or not. She will simply sit classmates and siblings down and begin her lecture, laughing about it, she stated, “They don’t have to listen, I’ll just talk.” As for the toughest thing she’s had to learn? It’s a tie between magnetism in Physics or AP Euro, “Just memorizing all of the Charles, alive at the same time!”, she said with a look of astonishment. But hang in there, AP Europers, as there is hope, and Eunice’s advice is to stay awake in class, “I have a deal that I can’t fall asleep in more than fifteen class periods this year.”

So, what else is it about Eunice that makes her unique and a special part of Tabb High School? While she might prefer to discuss her intense obsession pistachio ice cream mochi balls, a lifelong friend of Eunice was quick to say that her success comes from the fact that she “takes initiative in everything that she does and when she wants something, she doesn’t quit until she has it. She wants to be first, she wants to be the change.”