Jackson’s Jams

(Editorial) By: Jackson Pettitt, Music Editor 

This is a list of my personal songs I’m listening to this week! Everything from hardcore rap to jazzy alt-rock songs have a place here. These aren’t all necessarily new songs, just good ones.  

(The views expressed in this article do not reflect the Tabb Tiger Times, just the author’s personal opinions.) 

Bop of the Week: Ill Nana by DRAM ft. Trippie Redd 

On the surface the pairing of DRAM, most well-known for his hit song Broccoli in 2015, and Trippie Redd, an underground rapper who has yet to break onto the billboards, seems strange. It’s unclear how a song with the two of them would work, but lo and behold, what we end up with is an amazing track with constant high-energy production, smooth verses, and hilarious lines.  

Banger of the Week: Achoo by Keith Ape & $ki Mask the Slump God 

A collaboration between South Korean rapper Keith Ape and South-Florida soundcloud rapper Ski Mask is already off to a great start, with both artists known for brutal speeds when they rap. Keith’s entire verse is in Korean yet still manages to sound bombastic and interesting, with $ki Mask delivering his characteristic machine-gun style rapping, all over a heavily distorted bass-boosted beat. 

R&B of the Week: GRā by KAMAU ft. Nkō Khélí 

The D.C. born R&B artist KAMAU delivers one of the most surprising performances I’ve heard in a long time. This song is a one of a kind fusion of traditional African drums, vocal performances, and impressive verses from both artists. This song, as well as the album it is featured on, is absolutely worth a listen for some of the most unique R&B you’re bound to hear in a while. 

Slow Jam of the Week: Giving Up by Corbin 

This song is a moody alternative R&B cut, that quite simply feels hopeless. Throughout the song, you can hear Corbin’s voice breaking, and his absolute despair is palpable. “Had enough of this world, now I’m giving up,” Corbin croons on the chorus, to the tune of a melancholy drum beat and quiet guitar riffs. Beautiful, moving, and authentic.