Celebrity Fall Fashion Trends

By Morgan Zimmermann, Staff Writer 

Celebrities are looked to for their fashion forward attitudes and for always having the nicest clothes of the season, and this season many are already delivering. 

It is just the beginning of fall, yet many celebrities are already rocking the season’s hottest trends. Whether they are capturing their looks on social media sites or rocking them in public, there is no denying that they are on top of all things fashion this season. Selena Gomez has been redefining the fall shoe standard by wearing black patent leather moccasins on several occasions. Many see this as a welcome change from boots, all the rage of previous seasons, so this trend is quickly catching on. Moving on from shoes, celebrities like Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid are favoring super flattering, affordable pants. Gigi was seen in Paris wearing gray striped pants from H&M, while Selena took the more casual route and wore Puma leggings while running errands. Jackets are also a staple piece of this year, as they can add much drama and chicness to an outfit. Halle Berry was spotted wearing a plaid winter coat with an otherwise simple outfit, proving that the right statement piece can make even the blandest outfit pop. Dresses are also transitioning to the colder months, as demonstrated by Dakota Johnson when she wore a cotton midi dress in a deep burgundy. Overall, this fall is jam-packed with new trends being showcased every day, and we can expect no shortage of style inspiration from celebrities.  

 Featured Photo/REFINERY 29