Falling For Fashion

2017 Fall Fashion rolls into season 

By: William Bertoline, Staff Writer

Fall is a good time for fashion. It is a time when people can wear whatever because it is not too cold, not too hot, and the vibes are just right. 

Some fall fashion trends this year are turtlenecks, jean jackets, and flannels. Turtlenecks are a very cute shirt to wear, and can make every outfit look more put together. They are also very versatile, as you can wear them on casual days with sweats or with nicer outfits, like jeans and a jacket. Another essential fall item is the jean jacket. A dark jean jacket works to dress up a look, and a lighter jean jacket, possibly with a few holes and tears in it, can add a little spice to a basic, everyday outfit. Flannels are also a must-have for this fall season. A flannel over a t-shirt with jeans can make a basic outfit look like you stepped out of a fall magazine.  

Some opinions from Tabb High Students about their favorite fall accessories are that “A scarf is a necessary item to have during the colder seasons, ” according to Kennedy Riley. Talia Brown stated, “A sweater is a must because it is cute and keeps you warm when it is chilly.” 

Fall is the best season for fashion, and this season is the best time to try to step out of your comfort zone.