Jack Johnson Fans Go “Bananas” For Him

Jack Johnson performs with the Bahamas at the Veteran Loans Amphitheater. 

By: Malia Rosburg, Editor-in-Chief 

This highly anticipated concert kicked off on September 27 at the Veteran Loans Amphitheater in Virginia Beach. As fans waited eagerly for Jack Johnson, the crowd was kept entertained by opening act Bahamas, an indie-rock band from Canada. The group started off the night by playing fan favorites such as “Lost in the Light” and “All the Time.” Before continuing with the set, lead vocalist Afie Jurvanen, introduced the rest of the band by singing the members names. In between songs, Jurvanen kept the mood light by making jokes with the crowd. While talking about life in Canada, he provided the anecdote that “sometimes we barbecue and snowboard on the same day.” 

After much anticipation, fans went wild when Jack Johnson stepped up onstage. With no formal written set list, Johnson took song requests from the audience. At the request of an audience member, he first started strumming away at the chords of “Sitting, Watching, Waiting.” While still taking the requests of audience members, he paused for a moment to play a song written for the outgoing message on his family’s answering machine. Johnson followed this song up with its opposite, the ballad that serves as the incoming call tone. He started off with “I got a girl her name is Kimmy, she likes to do the shimmy-shimmy-shimmy, she got a man, his name is Jack, but they’re both gone but they’ll be back…” These words prompted the concert-goers to go wild and cheer for more, asking for an encore at the end of the night. 

Jack Johnson and the Bahamas are on tour until December 10, and will be visiting seven more locations before ending the tour in Auckland, New Zealand.