Tabb Tigers March To Back To School Night

Students, parents, and faculty all came together to discuss the future of this school year.
By: Julianna Diaz, Staff writer

Back To School Night at Tabb High School was a roaring success. Mrs. Seiders started off the night with a presentation to welcome all new parents and students, as well as any and all alumni back in Yorktown. The evening started at 6:30, and continued until 9:00 PM with parents and students visiting the fundraising tables set up in the cafeteria. The Athletic Booster Club, SOA, and Student Council were some of the tables parents could visit to learn about what Tabb has to offer to new students. Teachers gave presentations to introduce themselves, as well as to tell the parents what their child should expect from the class and how the year will be planned out.  Doughnuts were sold for one dollar a piece, and eight dollars for a dozen to raise money for Tiger Times.  Here’s to another great year at Tabb High School!