Looking For Legos

Artist Sean Kenney’s personal exhibit on display at The Virginia Living Museum
By: Julianna Diaz, Staff

On October 17th, Tiger Times’ Roving Reporters payed a visit to The Virginia Living Museum, following the generous invitation from former Tabb High School teacher, Theresa Freyberger. The museum is located in Newport News and offers a variety of exhibits and information to those curious about Virginia’s wildlife. The exhibits range from an aquarium to an aviary, and even includes a planetarium among its animal-centered themes.

Opened in 1966 by Governor Mills E. Godwin Jr., the museum began as a natural science center named the Junior Nature Museum and Planetarium, before expanding into other scientific pursuits and becoming the Peninsula Nature and Science Center in 1976. After shifting its focus to wildlife preservation and live exhibits, it was finally reopened in 1987 as The Virginia Living Museum by Governor Gerald L. Baliles.

One of the exhibits featured at the museum was Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks. This limited time showcasing of author Sean Kenney’s LEGO sculptures, which show an artistic interpretation completely natural life with completely nostalgic bricks. The showcasing is primarily educational and was created in partnership with Iowa State University, each of the sixteen sculptures having its own sponsor and detailed descriptions written in plaques. These plaques include facts and information about the depicted wildlife in each sculpture, the creatures ranging from a Galapagos Tortoise to a Giant Corn Spider. The creation of these brilliant sculptures amounted to the use of over half a million LEGO bricks, and will be available at the museum until December 17th.