Senior of the Month: October

By: Lauren Blanks, Entertainment Editor

October’s senior of the month is Andrew Lenfant. Chosen by guidance and Mrs. Seiders, Andrew definitely emulates the spirit tigers strive to possess. A spectacle at football games and sporting events, Andrew is always decked out head-to-toe in spirit wear, and is quick to put on a show of backflips and back handsprings to get the crowd going crazy. He also leads the student section in chants and cheers for the team.

Outside of Friday nights, Andrew continues to be busy. Athletically, Andrew participates in soccer and track, serving as captain of the soccer team his junior year. He even plans to continue his career into college, as he has committed to play for the Saints of Saint Lawrence University, a school that has what Andrew describes as “the trifecta of social, academic, and athletic opportunity”. Once there, he hopes to pursue a pre-med degree so that he can become a pediatrician. He also participates in Sight and Sound, is treasurer of the thespian honor society, and is Executive Board Vice President for the Student Council Association. He hopes to continue these activities in college as well, by participating in student government or drama.

As for his thoughts on Tabb, Andrew feels that the students and faculty are what make the school so great, and he loves that he had an opportunity to “get involved and have a good time with the freedom of high school without the responsibility of college”. In terms of goals, Andrew hopes to one-up his senior of the month predecessor, Eunice Namkoong, and only sleep 14 times per class as she hopes to sleep no more than 15. He also said that his advice to others would be to not overcommit to too many activities or clubs, or else you could feel like you are drowning in responsibility.

Andrew will look back fondly on many memories, most exclusively his soccer practice before states his junior year, when the team spent the hours sitting on the field and listening to Coach Kuhnle’s crazy life stories. Finally, as for what Andrew hopes people will learn about him, it’s that he and his twin brother are different people, “I don’t even look like this kid and people call me Ryan- he’s 6’1” I am 5’6”, there’s a big difference!”