Thrilling the Audience One Act At a Time

On September 19, 2017, students performed in various plays called One Acts.
By: Joi Wright, Staff Writer

One Acts at Tabb High are plays directed by seniors and performed by the students. Three different plays compete against one another in order to move on to Districts. The best play is selected by the judges, who are comprised of Tabb High staff. The judges this year were Ms. Majka, Ms. Shematek, Ms. Rutherford, Ms. Malone, and Ms. Scott. A three to five vote by the judges secures the win of the play. Two people who help to ensure the plays run smoothly are Ms. Garvey, the faculty advisor for one acts, and Mariel Waller, a part of the backstage crew.

The first play performed was directed by Anna Frye, a senior. She casted six students, three males and three females, to act in the play she selected. Frye’s cast was performing in a satiric comedy play, Jimmy the Antichrist. This play was about a son coming out to his family as being the “antichrist” at Thanksgiving dinner. The lead of Jimmy was played by junior Mason Lassiter. Jimmy’s parents were Joyce, Hope Matthews, and Frank, Ryan Stover. Joi Wright played his Aunt Cathy and Alissa Hoffman was Jimmy’s sister, Denise. The flamboyant minion who spiced the set was Colin, acted by Sean Corcoran. William Bertoline, a student in the audience, told the cast after their performance, “YOU BROKE THAT LEG!”

This Side of Heaven was the second play to perform that evening. Directed by Thespian president, Alisabeth “Isa” Rodriguez, three people acted in this play. It is about two teenagers who flirt and kick it at physical therapy center and things get heated on set as the play progresses. Fever was the female of the couple played by Jenna Stetina, and Chase was the male lead portrayed by Nicholas Olson. Their physical therapist was Dr. Anna, Trinity Good, whose reoccurring role provided a source of background information on what the characters were actually doing. This play won and moved on to Districts and will perform on November 4,2017. Logan Pennland, a former One Acts’ director, remarked, “This was better than the winning play last year for One Acts!”

Last but not least, Sophia Lizarzaburu directed 13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview. As the title states, this play was about ways to mess up a college interview. Two interviewers, Ashylnn Lussier and Colin Kimbal, interviewed thirteen different students in hopes of finding a near perfect student to attend their school. Max Friskhorn played multiple roles, portraying Jeff, Producer, and Jason. Kony’e Bolling was also double casted, playing Harley and Kelly. Kayla Gaddy acted Lily and Elizabeth, while Kimberly and Beth were portrayed by Sarah Grammar. Madelin Pittman took on the roles of Maria, Emily, and Eve.

All the actors and directors executed the plays extremely well, and Tabb High is proud of them.