Runners “Blast off” at NASA’s 100 Year Dash 10k

Orbiting around NASA, runners shoot for the finish line
By: Emily Perdue, Staff Writer

In celebration of NASA’s 100 year anniversary, NASA held a raving 10k! Runners from around the world came to compete in this fast-paced race. The race began at exactly 7:30 and ended roughly around 9:20.

Brandon Ferguson, the swiftest runner, had the time of 32:58. His personal record for a 10k is a few minutes quicker, at 30:40. Ferguson found his passion for running freshman year of high school. “I didn’t want to run in P.E., so I decided, hey, cross country- I can do that! Anyone can run! So, I started doing that, really slow at first. My first 5k was around 47 minutes. Then I started getting good and started getting motivated! Before you know it, I’m running 15 flat for my 5k by my senior year,” Ferguson exclaimed happily.

When asked what advice he would give to future runners, he says, “Well what I’d say is that it doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is what you put into your work every day. I mean, you can start from the very bottom of the totem pole and you can end up becoming something truly fantastic. You can accomplish amazing things!”

Sarah Finley, who started running in graduate school, was the fastest female runner. Her time was 42:23. Finley practices around six days a week. When Finley was asked what keeps her motivated, she smiled, “I love to do it! A day like this, a beautiful day, is a great day to run!”

Finley would like to tell future athletes that, “Perseverance is key. It takes a long time to get good at something-keep that in mind. Every time you get a little bit better, that’s a small piece of reward.”