Grandby Manor Becomes a Halloween Tradition

Tabb Junior Michael Allen, leads a student created haunted house
By: Malia Rosburg, Editor-in-Chief

Every year from October 6 to October 28, Tabb junior Michael Allen hosts an annual haunted house known as Grandby Manor. Based on Mr. Ambrose Granby’s legacy, it is one of Virginia’s top 4 haunted attractions and was voted one of the “Scare Factor’s Must-See Haunts.” In addition to the several great reviews it has received, it also provides a haunting and chilling experience.

Visitors are offered an intimidating view of the house while they wait, and guests are soon greeted by some of the characters of the haunting house. Once visitors make it inside, they enter a closed off room where they are forced to listen to Mister Edward Grandby’s haunting voice speak about the house. After hearing him speak, groups are moved through a “maze” with a series of sharp turns covered by sheer curtains and tarps. In between each sharp turn or opening, actors stand and prepare to scare various groups. After making it through the series of mazes, an “actor” pretends to have lost their group and asks to continue through the maze with yours. Quickly after, groups realize that the actor is actually faking it and reverts back to scaring the group just like everyone else. After coming to that quick realization, many groups find themselves running the rest of the way out of the house.

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