Vending Machines VS. The People

The school gets asked around for their opinion on the amenity.
By: Morgan Zimmermann, Staff Writer

The 2017-2018 school year introduced a few new vending machines to Tabb High School. With choices such as sweet tea, Mountain Dew Kickstarters, chips, and fruit snacks there is a myriad of options people have to choose from.

Tabb High principal, Mrs. Seiders, thinks they are an excellent addition to the school saying, “I think they are not a problem because we have kids who stay here for 12-13 hours and they can get a quick pick me-up. That is why we got them.” She also clarified that the items in them were not chosen by her, but were given to her randomly by the Pepsi retailer. Mrs. Garvey, the drama teacher, also agrees with the new options saying that, “They are fine if you have nothing else to eat.” Others, like Officer Plessinger, were more enthusiastic about the new items stating, “I think they are awesome. I think we need to get rid of the whole grain, whole wheat and gluten free though.”

Not every faculty member shares as strong of an opinion as Plessinger. Many feel indifferent about the change, and lack a strong opinion on the subject. Those in the indifferent category include lunch lady Mrs. Martin saying, “They don’t bother me.”

However, some teachers, like Coach Basanes, are not a fan of the change stating, “I am not a big fan of what is in there. Like Kickstarters, they should not be in there.” Mr. Kuhnle, coach and history teacher, angrily said, “They’re out unless the school gets profits and no soda! Just stuff to stimulate the brain.”

Over all, there are a multitude of opinions regarding this new school addition, but there has yet to be a consensus on whether it is a good addition or detrimental to our student body.