Winning States for the First Time

Tabb High’s Competition Cheer won states in 2017, breaking history.
By: Joi Wright, Staff Writer

It is nothing out of the ordinary for the Tabb Tigers’ competition cheer team to make it to states, but for them to take the titles as “champions” is a whole new feel for the team. Year after year, the team strives to become state champs, and year after year, they come up a tad short. Well not this year. After placing in all the Bay River Districts competitions, the team proved they were a force to be reckoned with.

The title of Cheerleader of the Year was given to one of Tabb’s cheerleaders this year. Chloe Everard, a junior, was the chosen one. She has cheered for Tabb’s Competition Cheer team three years in a row. Chloe plans to pursue cheerleading in college, and she cheers outside of school all the way in Raleigh, North Carolina. Chloe says cheering on the team has allowed her to gain a stronger bond with girls at the school. She also stated that winning states was one of the most incredible feelings in the world and the moment was indescribable.

The girls along with the coaches worked tirelessly to help perfect the routine, and all the hard work and practice paid off.