Unlocking Your Phone with Your Face

Apple releases the IPhone X, a revolutionary step towards fully interactive technology.

By William Bertoline, Staff Writer

     The iPhone X is the future of phones. Apple is always taking big risks, making them a big competitor in the phone industry. With the iPhone X, Apple has completely redesigned its typical silhouette by getting rid of all buttons and bezels. This gives the phone a slimmer and sleeker appearance compared to its predecessors. The iPhone X is slightly larger than the iPhone 8, and issues the return of an all-glass body and stainless-steel frame In contrast, most recent versions maintained a metal back. The iPhone X also has an OLED screen and twin 12MP camera, like the iPhone 8 Plus. The battery life is longer than the previous iPhones (thank goodness), so there is no need to carry battery packs around anymore. The most notable new feature, however, is the facial recognition, which allows you to unlock your phone just by looking at it. The future is here with the iPhone X, and these new features will make this iPhone appear on every Christmas list.