Golfing His Way Through Life

Nick Wellbrock talks about going to states. 

By Morgan Zimmermann, Staff Writer 

Tabb High School student, Nicholas Wellbrock, recently attended the States Competition for golfing. The Tabb High Golf Team had ten members this year, including Will Lugo, Carter George, Ashton Buast, Logan Robnett and more, which the only two students who attended states being Wellbrock and sophomore Jackson Tyler. To qualify for states, five teams go to regionals and the top six end up going to states. He ended up missing a week of school, which just made his accomplishment even more enjoyable, according to him.  

He started golfing recreationally two years ago and frankly says that “he sucked.” Two years later though, he is doing better than he could have imagined. He says that he enjoys playing still but it is a lot more stressful now than when he first began. However, as stressful as it gets he still makes it a priority to make time for his favorite pastime, and says that he plays at least three days a week outside of school. He got into golf because of the boredom he felt after quitting baseball so his grandfather introduced him to the sport and he promptly fell in love with it. He did not win states, but still wants to pursue golfing in college.