Three Seniors Claim First Prize in Video Contes

No to Distracted Driving Contest Won by Malia Rosburg, Alisabeth Rodriguez, and Hope Matthews 

By: Lauren Blanks, Staff Writer 

Last week, it was announced that three of Tabb’s students won a prestigious video contest that schools from across Hampton Roads participated in. Presented by Cox and Hall MileOne Autogroup, the video contest was called “No 2 Distracted Driving”, and participants were challenged to create videos warning their peers against the dangers of using technology while behind the wheel.  Three students, Malia Rosburg, Hope Matthews, and Isa Rodriguez submitted their best shot, with wonderful rewards. 

When deciding what story she wanted to tell, Rosburg decided that she wanted to approach the concept in a unique way.  While most videos focused on a group of people driving and reading their phones, Rosburg’s project, titled “What If?”, follows Matthews and Rodriguez as they are preparing for class, and Matthews falls asleep.  The audience then journeys into her nightmare as she hits her friend as a result of a split-second decision to check her phone. 

The three waited for their video to advance beyond the initial judging round, and it ended up being one of the four finalists.  With 25% being rewarded to judge decisions, 25% to views on YouTube, and 50% to voting, their goal was to get as many of their peers to view and vote for their video.  While the contest initially stipulated that they would announce a winner on December 28, “What If?” received more than 15,000 more votes than the closest video.  There was little question that their video reigned supreme. 

Rosburg said she was initially nervous about the video, as anyone would be, but she is thankful to Ms. Milne, her newspaper teacher, for encouraging her to enter the contest.  She was awarded $3500 for her own discretion, and won an additional $3500 for Tabb High.  She intends to use her money to buy a new camera and college.  As for the school, the reward will go towards bettering Tiger TV, a club that Malia leads. 

You can see more of Rosburg, Matthews, and Rodriguez in episodes of Tiger TV.