Jackson’s Jams III

This is a list of my personal songs I’m listening to this week! Everything from hardcore rap to jazzy alt-rock songs have a place here. These aren’t all necessarily new songs, just good ones.
(The views expressed in this article do not reflect the Tabb Tiger Times, just the author’s personal opinions.) 

Bop of the Week: I Have a Dream By DRAM 

Norfolk native and poodle enthusiast, DRAM seems to be in a perpetual good mood from the sound of his music, which never fails to get stuck in my head for days after listening. The production wouldn’t be out of place in a retro arcade game, and DRAM once again reminds us why he blew up in the first place, thanks to his infectious happiness and carefree lifestyle. 

Funk of the Week: Call Me Up By HOMESHAKE 

Based out of Montréal, Canada, Homeshake is the solo project of Peter Sagar, former guitarist and keyboardist for Mac Demarco. Homeshake’s musical style consists of indie pop and alternative rock. The track Call Me Up is a groovy, synthesized beat, with raspy, soulful vocals tying the track together. 

Banger of the Week: Up Like an Insomniac (Freestyle) By XXXTENTACION 

Soundcloud rappers have really had an explosive year in 2017, and X is no exception. Off of his recently released mixtape, A Ghetto Christmas Carol, the middle track truly shines, highlighting X’s fantastic use of distorted, grimy beats, and over-the-top rapping that truly blurs the line between screaming and music. 

Experimental Track of the Week: Sister/Nation By BROCKHAMPTON 

One of the most unique cuts off rap-collective/boy band BROCKHAMPTON’s third album in the Saturation series, this track features heavy, ballistic drums, and incredible, bouncy synth lines, reminiscent of Death Grips. Add to that, the haunting lyrics about mood stabilizers and violent outbursts and it’s a perfect storm of crazy that is bound to impress listeners of all categories.