A Brief Breakdown of the Oscars Nominations

By: Lauren Blanks, Entertainment Editor 

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced their nominations for the 90th Academy Awards on Monday.  One of the final award shows of the season, the nominees are typically pretty easy to spot based on the frontrunners in previous awards like the Golden Globes and SAG Awards.  Yet, the pressure to be more inclusive and to reprimand those accused of wrongdoing saw to a few surprising outcomes in the nominees.   

The award for best director, a category notoriously bolstering an all-male nomination pool, includes Lady Bird first-time writer and director, Greta Gerwig, a pick who was noticeably absent from some of the awards earlier in the season.  Additionally, the Academy has come under fire in recent years for the extreme lack of minorities in their nominations, which they remedied this year with a much more diverse pool of nominations for their Best Actor and Best Actress categories.   

Some noticeable omissions, however, are also present in their nominations.  One such omission is James Franco for Best Actor, after he had gone on to not only be nominated for, but win many of the other awards of this season.  This snub comes hot on the heels of multiple sexual misconduct allegations garnered against the actor.  As movements such as Me Too and Time’s Up wrack Hollywood and call for men to be held accountable for their wrongdoings, his lack of a nomination is most likely drawn from that source.  Additionally, many were surprised to see that the blockbuster of the summer, Wonder Woman, failed to secure a single nomination, even though its reviews praised it as the best comic book adaptation to date, and the film served as a symbol for many of the feminist movements.  The winter favorite, The Greatest Showman, also failed to secure any nominations, save one for best song for “This is Me” by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.  Acclaimed by critics and fans alike, audiences can’t help but wonder why the film didn’t garner more Oscar attention. 

The season frontrunner continues to be The Shape of Water, as it received thirteen Oscar nominations, followed by Dunkirk with eight.  The 90th Academy Awards Ceremony will air on Sunday, March 4.