Americans Taking the Olympics Head On

A breakdown in America’s medals  

By; Taylor Carr, Ed-in-Chief  

Pyeongchang is the 2018 Winter Olympics host. With a diverse terrain, erratic weather, and a unique culture, this year’s games have the potential to be unforgettable. Team U.S.A arrived in Pyeongchang with 244 athletes, the largest at the games, with at least one competitor in each event.  

As of today, Team U.S.A has won six gold, three silver, and five bronze medals, which lands the United States in fifth place on the overall medal count. While America may not be in first place, there have been many athletes who have brought USA’s first medal in a sport. Last night, Jesse Diggins and Kikkan Randall brought in the first ever Women’s Cross-country skiing medal, a gold, with a big upset to the Swedes and Norwegians. Chris Mazdzer won USA’s first single Luge medal with a second-place finish. Chloe Kim and Red Gerard, two of America’s youngest athlete, both won gold in the Snowboard halfpipe events.  

Despite not winning, two men’s Figure skaters both had record-breaking routines. Vincent Zhou became the first skater to land a quad Lutz in the Olympics in his qualifying short-program, while Nathan Chen landed a total of six quad jumps in his routine, breaking the previous Olympic record. Neither athlete placed on the medal podium, however both have left a promising future for the youth in American Figure skating.  

With only a week left in the 2018 Olympics, Team USA has few chances left to earn medals. Be sure to watch our athletes compete on the world’s biggest stage for the chance to bring the gold medal home.