Philadelphia Eagles Soar to Their First Lombardi

Eagles vs Patriots proves to be an even and exciting matchup. 

Margie Dillman, Co-Editor in Chief 

Before the 52nd Superbowl kicked off Sunday night, both Philadelphia and Boston were chock full of nervous energy in every sense of the word. For New England, the hope for a second Lombardi trophy in as many years was almost too much to handle. The City of Brotherly Love was brewing in its own way, holding out for its first championship win since the Superbowl Era began in 1967.  The Patriots were the heavy favorites, with a dominating offense in all previous matchups throughout the season. During this game however, Brady and his offense drew a flag when Rob Gronkowski had a false start, the first offensive penalty against the Patriots throughout the entirety of the postseason. This tendency for the Patriots to receive a very limited number of penalties is one of the reasons that a multitude of people consider them to be heavily favored by the NFL and their referees, and whether favoritism or simply pure skill is the cause is up for individual interpretation. Against these exemplary Patriots, the Eagles were seen as the obvious underdogs, with srarting quarterback Carson Wentz sitting on the sidelines throughout the season thanks to a season-ending knee injury. Nick Foles stepped in as quarterback, and this 6’6’’ backup proved to be more than up to the task.  

After a long season of the Patriot’s offense dominating opponents in every way, they seemed to meet their match in the Eagles defense, as seen by Brandin Cooks’s attempt to hurdle over Rodney McLeod. McLeod quickly blocked Cooks’s jump, throwing him to the ground and stopping New England’s drive towards the end zone. Cooks was later struck by Malcolm Jenkins, appearing to be knocked unconscious after the hit ended up being helmet-to-helmet. The Eagles continued to make a strong show at the beginning of the game, but the Patriots and their notorious offense soon made the game one that was up for grabs. The game was entertaining until the final second when the trailing-by-one Patriots threw a Hail Mary pass to the end zone. Tom Brady’s arm is famous for both its accuracy and its precision, neither of which came through for him in the final seconds. The Patriots would go on to lose 33-41, leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers as the only city with six championships for at least one more year.