Nice to Weed You

Virginia passes medical marijuana bill, 40-0.

By Hita Abedin, Staff Writer

On February 5, the Virginia senate officially passed the ongoing and controversial battle of allowing medical marijuana in the state. Legislation passed the Joint Commission with the unanimous decision of 40-0. Many delegates support the Let Doctors Decide cause, which values the opinion on what the doctors would prefer to recommend to a patient rather than the delegates themselves, who don’t always know how to deal with such procedures.

Use of cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, had already been legalized in February of 2015 and can be found in certain supermarkets and smoke shops, but THC-A oil, with the psychoactive main ingredient of tetrahydrocannabinol, is now being accepted as legal. It has been proven to safely and effectively help address symptoms of epilepsy and manage pain. It can be recommended by a doctor for treatment of any diagnosed condition or disease and will only be distributed as an oil under the current decision.