Senior of the Month: February

By: Lauren Blanks, Entertainment Editor 

February’s senior of the month is Margie Dillman. Chosen by guidance and Mrs. Seiders, Margie definitely embodies the character that Tigers strive to possess.  A member of a plethora of different clubs, Margie’s schedule is chock full of ways for her to leave an impact on the school.  Margie is involved with Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, French Honor Society, Key Club, Tiger Times, National Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Scholastic Bowl, and Student Ambassadors, and played for the tennis team at the high school. 

Needless to say, Margie has been involved in more than enough activities to really put some roots down in the school.  That’s why she couldn’t seem to find words for what her favorite part of high school 8was, as she said, “The spirit.  The people.  The spirited people.  How much spirit the people have.” 

As for school, Margie works hard in all of her difficult classes.  Her usual study habit is to make flashcards for everything and quiz herself.  However, her favorite is Ms. T’s study game where two classmates stand at the starting line and have to race to grab the right answer. “I dove for the board many times,” she laughed. She hopes to take these study habits to college, either UVA or UPENN, where she hopes to study medicine.  She plans to attend medical school and join the organization Doctors Without Borders, where she could travel the world helping people. 

Outside of school, Margie likes to nap, hammock in the park with her dog, and watch hockey. Her fun fact about herself is that she once got concussed while putting lotion.  As she was leaving, I asked what advice she would give to underclassmen, and she said, “Even though it’s hard to do it, get over the insecurity and dress up for all of the spirit days, do the wobble if it comes on!  You might be the only one in the whole room, dressed up as a baby, and dancing by yourself, but own it!  Don’t care, do it anyway.”