Senior of the Month: January

By: Lauren Blanks, Entertainment Editor 

The pick for the honor of Senior of the Month for January was Jony Ursua.  An active member of the Tabb High community, it is no wonder that Ursua was chosen.  She is the color guard commander for ROTC, where her duties include weapon repairing and running drill meets.  She is also on the academic team to show off her impressive intellectual capabilities.  In terms of Tabb favorites, she said she loved her classes with Mrs. Hux and ROTC with Commander Wooten.  The hardest thing to leave?  She said that it will be the people, her friends and peers who have helped her along the way, that she will miss the most next year. 

As for her future plans, Jony was accepted into George Mason University’s Honors College, and is still waiting to hear back from Virginia Tech and the Virginia Military Institute.  She hopes to pursue a career as a Med Tech, or something to do with medicine, most likely as an ophthalmologist.  She also hopes to learn many foreign languages and work for an organization like the CIA.  Such a challenging career would be no struggle for Jony, because while the one fact that she wishes people knew about her is, as she says, “I am not as smart as people think that I am,” she does possess a photographic memory.  Therefore, memorizing foreign words and complex medical conditions will be easy for her to remember. 

Jony is humble, smart, and active in the Tabb community, and a wonderful representative of the Tabb High community as senior of the month for January.