Brackets Destroyed in One Fell Swoop

March Madness brackets ripped apart by upset after upset. 

By Margie Dillman, Sports Editor 

Before the NCAA tournament started, it seemed that the No. 1 ranked UVA Cavaliers would take it all the way. More people picked UVA than any other school to win everything, but these plans came crashing down at 9:20 on Friday night. After a record-breaking season, the Hoos seemed to have as good of a shot as any to advance until the end of the tournament. UVA was matched up with UMBC in the first round, a 16th ranked seed who was supposed to be an easy victory for the Hoos. However, when the buzzer went off to start the game UVA’s defense could not seem to stop the Retriever’s offense, and the Hoos couldn’t buy a basket to save their life. This loss is the first time a 16th seed has ever beat a number 1 team in the history of the tournament, and shows just how far UVA fell from their record breaking 31-3 season. Other upsets over the weekend included No. 13 seed Marshall beating a No. 4 seed Wichita State 81-75. Both of these two teams went on to lose in the 2nd round, thanks to Kansas State and West Virginia ending these underdogs’ unlikely run towards the final. The Sweet Sixteen is set, and next weekend is sure to be one full of entertainment and, hopefully, more upsets.