Working While in High School

By Morgan Zimmermann, Staff Writer 

Many students work during high school, and we interviewed three students who do to see how it affects their life

Working in high school can be a challenge, but most people would agree that it comes with many rewards! Nearly 80% of all high school students work some type of job during their four years of school. We interviewed three different students about their opinions on working while in high school, and their answers were all alike. 

The first student interviewed, Jackson Pettit, normally works around 2 days a week and said that he sometimes enjoys working. His biggest pro was that he has money and his biggest con is that he has less time to do stuff like homework and social activities. The hardest thing for him is time management, but working has taught him a lot about responsibility. 

The second student interviewed, Sean Buck, works two different jobs and enjoys them both. He said the biggest pro for him is money and the biggest con is that he has less time to do other things. The hardest thing for him is maintaining a good sleeping schedule, but Buck says his jobs have taught him about perseverance.  

Lainey Arnison, the third student interviewed, works full time and says that she enjoys it because it’s fun. Her biggest pro is that she gets free coffee and has money but her biggest con is that they work her like a dog. The hardest thing for her is finding time to do her homework and be social, but it has taught her many things such as time and money management, how to make good coffee, and cooperation. 

Overall, students seem to enjoy the taste of freedom they experience while working and think that having extra spending money is beneficial.