Making Summer Special

By: Morgan Zimmermann, staff writer

Summer time is a time of exploration, freedom and fun for students. You are under no obligations from teachers, all of your friends are also out of school and the weather is ideal for being outside. High schoolers in particular, relish those three months and take advantage of all the things they can do instead of being confined in a building for forty hours a week. Summer is the perfect time to make lasting memories with your friends, take risks beyond your wildest dreams, and just let go. There is many things that you can do around Hampton Roads or in the surrounding areas. Depending on your interests, your parents and your price range, there is countless activities you can do.

Some suggestions are-

  • Go to Busch Gardens or Water Country, a fun pass is $85 for both parks and you have unlimited access to them through early September
  • Go boating or a nature walk at some of the nature parks around here, like Bethel Park, Sandy Bottom or Deer Park
  • Go to Virginia Beach and walk the boardwalk, work on your tan, or play in the water
  • Go to any of the more local beaches like Yorktown, Buckroe, or Fort Monroe
  • Volunteer at any lcoal nonprofits, you can find oppurtunities on websites like www.justserve.org!/places-to-volunteer-near-you. This is a great way to make a difference while still having a great time
  • Take a road trip to DC and see our nation’s capital, go to interesting museums and learn more about America
  • Take a road trip to New York and see a Broadway play, visit the Statue of Liberty, and explore the city
  • Take a road trip to North Carolina and go to the beach, visit Kitty Hawk, and explore the beautiful scenic area
  • Go to a skate park and shred some pavement

Remember that however you chose to spend your three months of freedom, be safe, make good decisions and always wear sunscreen!