Preparing for College

By: Morgan Zimmermann, staff write 

Tabb Highs seniors are saying goodbye to the place they have called home for the last four years, leaving the familiarity of walking down a hallway and seeing friendly faces that you have grown to know throughout your high school journey and trading it in for college. Some seniors have chosen to enlist in the military or enter directly into the work force but this article is going to focus on the seniors choosing to continue their education. College may seem daunting when all you hear is stories about the rigorous academic standards, rampant drug use and the dangers of reality, but by preparing the right way you can make the whole transition seem less frightening.  

First, you have to decide whether or not you want to live on campus. If you do, you need to buy supplies for your dorm room. You will need things like bedsheets, storage containers, a microwave, hygiene essentials, a comfortable pillow, a lamp, and any other things you may deem necessary. If you have a roommate it is best to get to know them a bit before you guys move in together so you can get a feel for your chemistry. 

You also need to find a study habit and style that best suits your individual needs. You need to figure out whether out you learn visually, by listening, hands on or if another learning style better suits you. This will help you succeed in college so you will not be extremely swamped with your workload.  

Figuring out your finances and budgeting is also going to be extremely beneficial. Coming up with a meal plan and planning out the types of things you will eat can help you better manage the freshman fifteen and save you money in the long run. You need to decide if you are going to work throughout college and if so how much money would you be bringing in. Divide your expenses with what you are bringing in and determine how much you will need to allocate each month for different things. This can help you not be so stressed out during the school year when it comes to financial problems. 

Remember that college is an adventure and while it is a huge change, you can handle it. You have to stay smart and make good choices, but ultimately you are on the road to success!